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Greens motion urging government to advocate to states to ban LGBTIQ+ conversion passes senate as Greens call on PM to stop attacking young LGBTIQ people

Media Release
Janet Rice 11 Sep 2018

A Greens motion urging the federal government to work with state and territory governments to stop the LGBTIQ+ conversion movement has passed the senate, as the Greens call on the Prime Minister Scott Morrison to stop attacking LGBTIQ+ young people.

“I’m pleased the senate passed my motion to criminalise LGBTIQ+ conversion ‘therapies’ and condemn the broader conversion movement,” said Senator Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.

“I hope the Prime Minister is listening, because it was only last week that he said this wasn’t an issue for him to deal with.”

“Efforts to change sexual orientation and gender identity and the ideology that drives the broader conversion movement is extremely harmful to LGBTIQ+ people, especially young people, and has potentially fatal consequences.”

“For the Prime Minister to dismiss this as an issue that’s ‘not for him’ is an absolute disregard of duty."

“The Prime Minister recently said he wants to govern 'for all Australians' yet refused to condemn conversion attempts because it wasn’t an issue for him. This is an issue for him and the Senate has just confirmed it.”

“His government must act now to stop the conversion movement and work with state and territory governments  to ban so-called conversion and reparative therapies in Australia.”

“Scott Morrison should start behaving like a Prime Minister and stop his repeated and unacceptable attacks on LGBTIQ+ people, especially his awful comments about young trans kids.”

“Young LGBTIQ+ kids already suffer enough without the hateful comments coming from the Prime Minister.”

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