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Greens motion demands that Greg Hunt must deny catch and kill exemption in favour of non-lethal measures

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 8 Feb 2015

In line with No Shark Cull Rallies across the country Greens Senator spokesperson on marine issues Rachel Siewert has today announced a notice of motion that will condemn new Serious Threat Guidelines of the Western Australian Government.

"The first week back in the Senate we are moving to highlight that in Western Australia the move towards a revised catch and kill policy is just as indiscriminate and as nonsensical as hanging hooks along our coast throughout the summer.

"What is most worrisome about the New Serious Threat Guidelines is that shark capture gear, including baited drum lines, can be applied anywhere along our coast, compared to hooks which were hung along designated spots. It can also be applied before other preventative measures are implemented; such as closing beaches.

"It is time Minister Greg Hunt actively exercised his role as Environment Minister and deny further exemptions that allow the State Government to instigate the serious threat guidelines. It is ridiculous that he can allow the killing of a federally protected white shark before alternative, non-lethal protective measures are instigated.

"We need to step away from ineffective exemptions based on fear and turn to science. I am calling on Minister Hunt to acknowledge that the community do not want to see Colin Barnett's shark cull continued under any circumstances".

The motion, of which notice will be given on Monday, reads:

I give notice that on Wednesday, 11th February, I will move that the Senate:

i. Notes that
(a) The Western Australian Government has implemented a new catch and kill policy which applies to IUCN red-listed and federally protected white sharks
(b) The new "Serious Threat Guidelines" enable a shark to be caught and killed simply for being detected in a location over a number of days, without requiring other preventative actions to be implemented first, such as closing beaches, and allow the continued use of indiscriminate capture measures such as baited drum lines;

ii. Condemns the "Serious Threat Guidelines" of the Western Australian Government; and

iii. Calls on the Minister for the Environment not to grant any further exemptions to the Western Australian Government under section 158 of the Act that would allow WA to instigate the "Serious Threat Guidelines".

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