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Greens media reform package puts public interest journalism front and centre

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 26 Mar 2019

The Australian Greens media reform package turns the blow torch on the big corporate media giants and places quality, public interest journalism front and centre. With an inquiry to break up media concentration, a review of the social media giants and a series of tax changes and transparency measures we’ll be making sure the public interest is prioritised ahead of profits.


“Australians from all walks of life are concerned about the role the news and social media are playing in people’s lives. In an era of 'fake news', tragedies like we saw in Christchurch, and countless examples like the treatment of Tayla Harris, it's easy to see why," Greens media spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


"We know we need media policy that keeps pace with the times, and reflects the public interest if we want to keep this pillar of our democracy strong.


“We have one of the most concentrated media markets in the democratic world. Whether it's traditional media or new social media, for too long the rules have put profits ahead of the public interest.


“These policies will reorient our priorities to allow public interest journalism and the public good to be put ahead of the profits of news media organisations and digital advertisers.


“We are going to shine a light on the concentration of our news media with a Productivity Commission Inquiry. And we’ll turn the microscope on the digital giants as well with a full review of social media.


“Our transparency measures will shine a light on the dodgy digital advertising practices that are taking dollars for journalism away from publishers.


“We can strengthen our democracy by halting the slide toward more and more concentrated news ownership and put public interest front and centre.”

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