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Greens Leader on debt ceiling

Media Release
Christine Milne 20 Nov 2013

The Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson has confirmed the position the Greens have taken in regards to the debt ceiling.

"It is clear that the $400 billion that we have offered the government will be enough to deal with the December deadline and this financial year, and then the government is in a position to come back at a later time and ask for more," Senator Milne said.

"Mr Parkinson was repeatedly asked about the urgency of the $500 billion limit, and repeatedly he talked about the forward estimates and the years ahead.

"Mr Hockey wants $500 billion right now. But Mr Parkinson has confirmed that there isn't that urgency.

"If the government wants to push the limit out further then it should provide more information and bring forward the MYEFO.

"There is nothing out there in the public debate to say there is any reason other than ‘convenience' and a disinclination to face the parliament again to justify the government's demand for half a trillion."

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