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Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 29 Aug 2013

Australian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson today announced that the Greens' costed election platform would deliver Tasmania more than 2,000 new jobs and over $700 million in investment.

"This election it's the Greens who have the policies to preserve the beauty of our island home, drive the transition to a sustainable, knowledge-based economy and focus on a caring society," said Senator Peter Whish-Wilson at the launch of the Greens' Tasmanian 2013 Federal Campaign.

"The Greens are the only party that doesn't think we should trash the unique, globally important cultural and natural values of our wild areas.

"The Greens know the economic future for Tasmania lies in preserving our wilderness, agriculture, niche manufacturing, tourism, education, services such as healthcare and information and communications technology, and growing small business.

"Our environment should be a centrepiece of our economy - clean, green and clever has never been just a slogan for us, it is where the Greens want to take Tasmania.

"We also must invest in education if we are to create a sustainable economic future.

"Both Labor and the Liberals want to cut funding to universities which would mean 150 job losses at the University of Tasmania; our state's third biggest employer and the driver of innovation.

"As a society we should be caring for our most vulnerable, not punishing them.

"That is why the Greens are committed to increasing Newstart and restoring the payments to single parents taken off them by the Labor government plus an additional $50 per week to pull them and their children above the poverty line.

"And because of the Greens 89,000 Tasmanian children will now have access to free basic dental care.

"The policies the Greens are taking to this election provide a vision for the future of Tasmania.

"They are transparent, fully costed, economically and environmentally sound and care for people while delivering over 2,000 new jobs in the coming year and over $700 million for Tasmania," Senator Whish-Wilson concluded.

Some of the Greens policies and what they will mean for Tasmania

Headline figures:

• Over $700 million in investment over the forward estimates as a result of Greens policies that increase spending and stop proposed cuts.

• More than 2,000 jobs would be created over the next year.

• Over 4,000 new homes would be constructed in Tasmania over the next 10 years.

A Clean, Green, and Smart Economy

• $3 million to create a new shared space for digital innovation and collaboration at Macquarie House, Launceston.

• Up to $70 million to Hydro Tasmania as a result of the carbon price.

• 300 jobs from increasing funding to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

• Our 2% tax cut for businesses earning less than $2 million a year will free up almost $10 million.

• $40 million per year, nationally, to study threatened species and their habitat.

• Research and Development spending increase to 3% of GDP would result in additional $57 million for Tasmania's university and businesses over the forward estimates.

• $70 million in additional funding to Antarctic science and marine research and up to 350 jobs.

• $1 million a year to ensure the Tasmanian brand is associated with high quality rural produce, and introduce a ‘made in Tasmania' logo.

• a container deposit scheme would involve over $10 million private investment and up to 300 new jobs.


• Block university cuts, saving 150 jobs and $10 million.

• University base funding increase would create 70 jobs in teaching and research.

• Additional $9m a year in TAFE funding.

• Gonski funding reforms happening sooner with an additional $45 million on top of the $380m over six years for Tasmania's schools.

• 100 extra jobs in childcare.


• $45 million extra for public hospitals.

• Greens responsible for national $5 billion free dental health care which 89,000 Tasmanian children will be able to access from next year.

• Further $110 million to cover pensioners, concession card holders and teenagers with free basic dental care.

• $25 million for Tasmanian communities to help families dealing with mental illness.

Social Support

• $14.7 million extra in economy from increasing Youth Allowance, Abstudy and Austudy payments by $50 per week.

• $52 million extra in economy a year from increasing Newstart by $50 a week for the 19,000 Tasmanians on the allowance. Would create up to 270 new jobs in retail from additional money.

• 600 Tasmanians on single parent payments would have $40 payments restored and an additional $50 a week.

• additional $10 million dollars for community legal workers creating 100 additional jobs.


• 434 new houses every year for 10 years to tackle homelessness, student housing and deliver consistent jobs in construction and manufacturing.

• 2,700 new social housing dwellings.

• $60,000 per year for rental tenants advocacy services.

• $200,000 a year to install solar panels and energy efficiency retrofits on 900 new National Rental Affordability Scheme.


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