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Greens launch palliative care package to ensure support when it matters most

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 27 May 2016

“Conversations about dying can be difficult, but it’s something we will all have to face. Good palliative care can ensure we receive the care we want. The Greens will work to improve the palliative care system, so that individuals, carers and their families have the right support.

“To improve the quality of life for those in palliative care, the Greens package proposes $76 million over four years, this includes $10m for a national awareness campaign, as well as $1m for research projects that will improve our understanding of palliative care challenges.

“The package includes funding for advanced care planning, it is essential that carers, families and health professionals know what individuals want in terms of their care.

“It is sad to see that research shows more than 70 per cent of Australians would prefer to die at home, but less than 20 per cent do. We must invest in raise awareness of families who are experiencing life threatening illness so the best possible care can be established.

“Failing to have these conversations is depriving Australians with life threatening illnesses, their carers and families of better quality of life. The Greens package seeks to change this.

“Part of the proposed package is to increase funding for palliative care by $15 million annually to improve services.

“These are hard times for families and carers, we must work to provide the best care possible”.


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