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Greens honour service of ADF in Afghanistan

The Australian Greens today join the community in honouring the service of the men and women who served in Afghanistan as part of Operation Slipper and welcome them home.

"Around Australia today people have come together to say thank you to all those who put their lives on the line in Afghanistan, and to honour their service, and I join them," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"There is no more grave responsibility governments assume than when they commit troops, young men and women, to war and no greater responsibility when those men and women return, often physically or mentally scarred, than to look after them and their families."

"I pay our respects to the 41 people who lost their lives in Afghanistan and send our heartfelt support to their families who today, like every day, will be suffering.

"Every one of those who died was loved by someone and the pain goes on long after the war is no longer in the headlines," said Senator Milne.

The Australian Greens long campaigned to bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

"But supporting the troops whilst opposing the Government's decision to keep our forces in Afghanistan is not inconsistent," said Senator Milne.

"Young men and women serve our nation under orders and do it to the best of their ability, as they have done throughout our history, and we thank them for it and welcome them home."

In 2012 Senator Milne delivered a speech at the Sydney Institute, entitled Time to Bring Our Troops Safely Home From Afghanistan.

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