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Greens to focus on coal in inner-city Liberal seats

Media Release
Adam Bandt 21 Jun 2021

With the elevation of coal-hugging Barnaby Joyce to the Deputy Prime Ministership, the Greens will renew focus on coal and 2030 climate targets in winnable inner-city seats held by Liberals, as part of the party’s push to secure balance of power in a minority Parliament at the next election.

The Greens have already released a shortlist of lower house electorates from which they will pick their campaign priority seats at the next election, including the Liberal-held Ryan, Brisbane, Higgins and Kooyong, as well as two inner-city seats where the Liberals finish first on primary votes, Macnamara and Griffith.

“This is a coal-fired coup in the Coalition,” said Greens Leader, Adam Bandt.

“Inner-city voters don’t want a coal-hugging government, and this move from the Nationals makes a minority Parliament more likely at the next election.”

“Scott Morrison is now tied to Barnaby Joyce, and instead of getting out of coal and gas, they’ll deliver more of it, sadly with the Labor Party’s support.” 

“Inner-city voters can send a climate message to the government by voting Greens.”

“Net-zero by 2050 is too late, but it’s also clearly too much for the Nationals, who get 4% of the vote but 100% control of climate policy.”

“The Nationals are climate terrorists and they are holding the whole country hostage.”  

“This whole government has to go.”

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