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Greens demand release of Ruddock Review

Media Release
Nick McKim 18 Sep 2018

The Greens will tomorrow move an order for production of documents motion in the Senate, demanding the government finally release the Ruddock Review.

“Scott Morrison is trying to dismantle anti-discrimination law for the benefit of fundamentalists and extremists,” Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim said.

“We need to see the Ruddock Review so the Australian people can see what he has up his sleeve.”

“This has been a secretive process from start to finish. Enough is enough.”

Senator Janet Rice, Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson said: “LGBTIQ+ communities have been left in the lurch for months awaiting the release of this report. Our rights are at stake and we’re being kept in the dark.”“Scott Morrison’s recent anti-LQBTIQ+ comments have ignited fear in our communities that the government is planning to wind back the laws which protect LGBTIQ+ people from discrimination.”

“We need to know to what extent he is planning to further discriminate against everyday LGBTIQ+ Australians in order to shore up the support of powerful religious institutions.”

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