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Greens congratulate Douglas Shire on CSG ban

The Australian Greens congratulate the Douglas Shire Council for becoming a Lock the Gate supportive shire and opposing coal seam gas.  

“This is wonderful news. It’s excellent to see a local council in Queensland taking leadership to protect their community’s land, water and climate from the big mining companies,” Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

“For such an incredibly biodiverse, unique area, which attracts so much tourism, coal seam gas would be disastrous for Douglas Shire.

“While it’s excellent that the Douglas Shire Council is taking a stand, the Newman Government has never refused a coal or gas mine and surrounding areas are under threat from CSG proposals, including Mt Mulligan, a sacred Aboriginal site.

“I recently met with the Djungan people who explained how CSG would sacrifice their land, groundwater and sacred sites.

“The Greens are the only major party standing with communities against CSG and I am introducing a bill to the federal Parliament to give native title holders, landholders and local councils the right to say no to coal and unconventional mining,” Senator Waters said.

Queensland Greens candidate for Barron River, Noel Castley-Wright, said:

“This win is testament to all of the passionate community members and groups, such as CSG Free NQ, who have been standing up to the big mining companies to protect our region’s environment, Aboriginal heritage, agriculture and tourism.

“What we need now is for surrounding councils, including Cairns and Mareeba, to follow the leadership of Douglas Shire and send a strong message to the big mining companies that we won’t be rolling over to them like the Newman Government does.

“Our region’s environment, cultural heritage and sustainable industries are too precious to lose for the sake of the private profits of big overseas mining companies,” Mr Castley-Wright said.

Contacts –

Senator Waters (Monique Vandeleur) 0419 626 725

Noel Castley-Wright  0420 302 610

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