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Greens condemn Campbell Newman's irresponsible comments on lawyers and judges

Penny Wright 13 Feb 2014

That the Senate:

1.      notes the Queensland Premier has made recent public statements that:

a.       any lawyer acting for a member of a motorcycling gang is part of what he described as a criminal gang machine, and will say and do anything to defend their clients;

b.      members of the legal community, including the judiciary, are living out of touch with society and do not understand what the community wants from the law; and

c.       the doctrine of separation of powers between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary is less applicable to Australia than other places; and

2.      affirms that these comments do not acknowledge lawyers' professional obligations, including their duty to the court, the integrity of the judiciary or the application of the separation of powers in Australia's parliamentary democracy, and so are incorrect; and

3.      calls on the Commonwealth Attorney-General to acknowledge and uphold the integrity of the legal profession and the judiciary across Australia.

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