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Greens condemn attack on UN shelter in Gaza

Media Release
Christine Milne 25 Jul 2014

The Australian Greens say an attack on a UN school, designated as a shelter, makes it clear nowhere in Gaza is safe as long as the fighting continues.

"It is devastating to hear of more deaths and injuries, in what was meant to be a safe place for civilians in Gaza," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"This attack must be strongly condemned and I echo the UN's calls for the immunity of UN premises in Gaza, and humanitarian law, to be respected.

"It is horrific to consider the scale of the losses, with reports another 15 people died in this attack while 200 more, mainly women and children, were injured.

"There have been casualties on both sides throughout this conflict but overwhelmingly the victims have been Palestinian women and children, and it's reported more than 140,000 Palestinians that have been forced to flee their homes, seeking shelter in these UN-run premises.

"All sides must immediately halt hostilities and agree to a lasting ceasefire.

"These kinds of hostilities can never resolve the conflict. All this bloody and futile conflict is going to mean is more deaths."


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