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Greens co-sponsor fish labelling bill: A win for consumers, industry, and environment

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 26 Mar 2015

Today the Greens stood with other Senators to introduce a seafood labelling Bill into Parliament that will deliver better outcomes for consumers, the local seafood industry, and our marine environment said the Fisheries spokesperson for the Greens, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

"This Bill, co-sponsored by the Australian Greens, is a vital first step in the changes to seafood labelling needed to move towards a complete and holistic approach to seafood labelling in Australia. It will give consumers greater confidence and the ability to make purchasing decisions that don’t negatively impact on their health or the health of our oceans.

"Local producers will also benefit as they will be better able to compete with cheaper imported seafood of questionable origin. This will enable producers to reinvest in their businesses and other sustainability measures.

“When the Northern Territory introduced seafood labelling laws, the value of the various sectors of the NT seafood industry grew four to eight-fold.

"These country-of-origin measures are an important stepping stone, but further action is needed to address the issue of "fake" fish being sold to consumers in Australia.

It was revealed today by Greenpeace, working with scientists from the University of Canberra, that there is widespread mislabelling of fish products in fish-and-chips outlets in Melbourne.

"Based on the evidence presented at last year’s seafood labelling Inquiry, the Australian Greens will be working with our allies to build a staged legislative approach that would go beyond country-of-origin labelling by requiring mandatory fish naming standards, and sustainability and provenance labelling,” he concluded.


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