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The Greens' Clean Energy Roadmap for Australia

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Christine Milne 1 Jul 2013

The Greens' plan to get to a 100% renewable Australia

We need to do more to encourage clean energy investment in Australia.

While the old parties chop and change their plans on pollution pricing and clean energy, the Greens have a plan to make Australia the best place in the world to build renewable energy.

The Greens' Clean Energy Roadmap sets out a framework to build an Australia powered by the wind, sun and waves.

The Roadmap has three pillars:

  • Power Australia with at least 90% renewable energy by 2030, by increasing the Renewable Energy Target. This will give investors the certainty and stability they need to plan.
  • Increase Clean Energy Finance to $30 billion, $3 billion per year for ten years, to drive more change and private investment.
  • Frame a national energy grid to make planning clean energy possible.
The Greens also have detailed plans to:
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