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Greens call for urgent action on issues identified for immediate action in Aged Care Royal Commission interim report

The Greens are calling for the Government to start work immediately on the three issues called out in the Aged Care Royal Commission interim report for immediate action.

"This report makes for distressing reading but comes as no surprise to anyone that has been paying attention to what has been happening in the sector", Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Ageing said.

"I'm particularly concerned about the use of chemical restraints in aged care facilities and the new regulation which does not focus on elimination of the use of restraint, does not require informed consent before use and is not transparent or accountable.  

"This is why I have moved to disallow the Quality of Care Amendment (Minimising the Use of Restraints) Principles 2019 which is the legislative instrument regulating the use of chemical restraints in aged care facilities. 

"This interim report reinforces the need to rethink the approach in the new regulation and it needs immediate attention.We have the opportunity to move very quickly to do this better.   

“The Greens went to the election with a commitment for more Home Care packages, it is obvious that there just aren’t enough out there, this needs to be addressed immediately so that people aren’t dying while waiting for care.

"The Government is not doing enough to protect people in aged care facilities and as the report says we need to stop with "patch ups".  
"The Royal Commission cannot be used as an excuse for lack of action and ensuring that older Australians get proper care right now. Dignity cannot be drip-fed.

"We have an ageing population. Politicians can’t be shocked by this. There should have been long term planning for this, listening and engaging with the sector and it’s a failure of Governments, who always claims to care for older Australians that we have reached such a crisis point."

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