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Greens call on Turnbull to recall radicalisation booklet

The Greens are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to recall and recycle the Radicalisation Awareness Kit that claims environmentalism is a pathway to violent extremism.

"This booklet is so tainted by Tony Abbott's politics of fear it should be shredded. Malcolm Turnbull has got to assert his leadership and declare Abbott's culture wars are over," said Greens Leader Richard Di Natale.

"Australians who care about our incredible natural environment should be congratulated, not silenced, abandoned and demonised as they have been by this Liberal Government.

"To imply that exercising a legitimate democratic right and calling for environmental protection is a gateway to violent extremism is breathtaking.

"Using the politics of fear to silence civil society is a dangerous abuse of power, and Mr Turnbull should put a stop to it.

"Teachers, parents and carers are worried about their kids. What could have been a genuine effort to support them has been totally undermined by political opportunism."

Greens Senator for Tasmania and spokesperson on schools, Nick McKim said:

"Politics has destroyed the credibility of this booklet. It needs to be withdrawn from circulation immediately and consigned to the recycling bin.

"It effectively asks teachers to demonise young people who might have a different world view to the government, which risks discouraging critical thinking and the democratic participation that schools should be trying to encourage.

"The idea that listening to alternative music can lead to violent extremism is laughable and clearly not grounded in reality.

"We also call on state education ministers to refuse to circulate this material to government school teachers.

"Schools should be safe places that welcome, support and nurture young people, and encourage critical thinking, regardless of their background or political views," said Senator McKim

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