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Greens call for national approach for drug law reform as NT reconsiders cannabis penalties

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 21 May 2018

Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale today welcomed reports that the Northern Territory Government is considering removing criminal penalties for personal cannabis use and called for a national approach for drug law reform, including legalising cannabis for adult use and removing criminal penalties for all personal drug use.

“The war on drugs is a war on people. Almost seven million Australians have tried or used cannabis, yet currently risk a criminal record for doing so. The Greens welcome any attempt to stop the pointless criminalisation of people who choose to use cannabis,” Dr Di Natale said.

“We should be looking to international experiences like Portugal and taking a national approach to removing criminal penalties for the personal use of all drugs, not just cannabis.

“As a drug and alcohol doctor, I’ve seen that the ‘tough on drugs’ approach causes enormous harm. It drives people away from getting help when they need it and exposes them to a dangerous black market.

“Removing criminal penalties for personal cannabis use is a positive step, but it leaves the production and sale of cannabis in the hands of criminal syndicates. 

"Last month the Greens announced our plan to legalise cannabis for adult use within a tightly regulated market. I call on all political parties to get behind the Greens’ plan.”

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