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Greens call on Morrison Government to take action over Hong Kong National Security Law

Media Release
Adam Bandt 1 Jul 2020

The Australian Greens condemn in the strongest possible terms the Chinese Government’s decision to override Hong Kong’s legislature and pass draconian national security laws aimed at repressing the people of Hong Kong.

The Greens also called on the Morrison Government to, at an absolute minimum and as a first step, grant permanent protection for all Hong Kongers who currently reside in Australia.

Leader of the Greens, Adam Bandt, said: “Today marks 23 years since Hong Kong was returned to China under the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle that guaranteed that Hong Kong’s way of life would remain protected for 50 years.”  

“The Chinese Government’s passage of the so-called national security law makes a mockery of the principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’. It is clearly designed to intimidate and suppress the people of Hong Kong who are legitimately calling for freedom and democracy.  

“This is a weapon of repression that represents a threat to human rights and to all those in Hong Kong who have chosen to protest in the last year.”

“On behalf of the Greens, I offer solidarity to protesters in Hong Kong who are no doubt fearful of what this new law means for them. The Australian Greens once again call on the Morrison Government to take concrete diplomatic actions to support Hong Kongers standing up for democracy,” Bandt said.

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