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Greens call on Minister Pyne ditch Donnelly

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Penny Wright 17 Jul 2014

It's time to ditch Donnelly. Senator Penny Wright speaking on Channel 10's The Project about why Christopher Pyne needs to sack Kevin Donnelly over his comments on corporal punishment.


Media comment:

The Abbott Government has sought to duck responsibility for comments made by its own education appointee in support of corporal punishment, says Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Penny Wright.

In Senate Question Time today, Senator Wright called on the Abbott Government to sack Dr Kevin Donnelly from its curriculum review panel in light of his comments on corporal punishment.

"If the Federal Government truly does not support corporal punishment in Australian schools, they should terminate Dr Donnelly's employment," Senator Wright said.

"The Abbott Government needs to stop the weasel words - they cannot dodge responsibility on this.

"Christopher Pyne has given Dr Donnelly a very powerful platform - and a degree of legitimacy - to advance his many unorthodox views and shape the curriculum.

"Minister Pyne should now take that platform away because Dr Donnelly's endorsement of corporal punishment is unacceptable. His views belong to another century.

"It's very clear Minister Pyne showed extremely poor judgment in picking Dr Donnelly. Minister Pyne should admit his mistake and ask for Dr Donnelly's resignation today."

Audio of the exchange between Senator Wright and Senator Marise Payne, Minister representing the Education Minister, is here:

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