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Greens call for immediate action on Genuine 'Denticare' scheme

Media Release
Bob Brown 27 Jul 2009

Health measures like Greens ban on junk food advertising to Children must start now

The Greens have welcomed a new report into improving the nation's hospitals, but say plans for a universal Denticare scheme must be genuine and start immediately.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said access to adequate dental care for all Australians was long overdue and the Government had been slow to commit to improve it.

"Kevin Rudd has not gone as far today on health reforms as Australians were encouraged to believe at the last election – and he must make sure that universal dental care is not left on the shelf."

Senator Brown said The Greens had been calling for a universal dental care scheme for many years, and it was pleasing to see the Commission's strong endorsement.

"However we are concerned what is being proposed is not a 'universal dental scheme' based on the Medicare model – it relies heavily on subsidised private health insurance."

"Getting good dental care should be like Medicare – available to all regardless of wealth or privilege."

Senator Brown also the Prime Minister should adopt the Greens' legislation to protect child health by banning junk food advertising during children’s TV viewing time.

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