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Greens call on federal government to pressure Malaysia over LGBTIQ crackdown

Media Release
Janet Rice 28 Aug 2018

The Greens are calling on the federal government to immediately raise the strongest of concerns with the Malaysian government about oppression and persecution of the Malaysian LGBTIQ community.

The crackdown includes a horrific caning sentence due to be carried out today on two women who are being punished for having sex, the detention of 20 men in a gay club who were ordered into counselling for ‘illicit behaviour’, the brutal beating of a trans woman on the street and the removal of photographs of LGBTIQ activists from a state-sponsored exhibition.

“Australia is a leader in the Asia Pacific region and we have strong trade links with Malaysia. Our government is in a powerful position to advocate for the rights of LGBTIQ people,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson.

“The Australian government must act in light of this chilling state-sanctioned discrimination against LGBTIQ people.”

“I call on the federal government and the new Foreign Minister Marise Payne, to immediately call on the Malaysian government to stop this attack on LGBTIQ rights.”

“Our government has the responsibility to use its considerable influence to end this horrific persecution of LGBTIQ people.”

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