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Greens back Browse Basin protest

Western Australian Senator Scott Ludlam has urged locals to continue their work to protect the West Kimberley from Woodside's bulldozers for the proposed Browse Basin gas project.

In the Senate last week Senator Ludlam acknowledged the residents' blockade of Minari Road, but said it was "extraordinary" that people had been forced to take action because the company intended to begin damaging activities on site, before Government approvals had been granted.

"People generally put themselves in the way to stop unpopular projects after all avenues have been exhausted, but in this case it is happening before either the State or Federal government has given formal approval - because the company has decided to move in and start land-clearing."

Today Senator Ludlam marked the blockade's 21st day by urging Woodside and the Barnett Government to search for alternative sites outside the Kimberley region and to take genuine action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the project.

"How can wrecking this pristine environment possibly be the best option?

"The protest is by West Kimberley locals forced to take this matter into their own hands. It is crucial that we pay attention to why people feel strongly about the behaviour of Woodside and the joint venture partners, and what the State Government has unleashed while the Federal Government stands by and allows it to happen.

"Last year, Premier Colin Barnett called this area an unremarkable bit of coast. It is a shame our unremarkable Premier does not pay closer attention and spend a bit more time on the country that he is proposing to allow Woodside to wreck."

Senate speech here:


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