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Greens ask Auditor General to investigate new sports rorts

Media Release
Larissa Waters 7 Feb 2020

The Greens have today written to the Auditor General asking for a full investigation of $150 million in sports funding channelled to Liberal-held marginal seats ahead of the election.

Greens Senator Leader Larissa Waters said, “This is yet another rorts scandal which has the Prime Minister’s fingerprints all over it.

“Memo to the Government - you can’t use public money to buy election outcomes! It’s called rorting and it’s a corruption of democracy.

“Australians are suffering a dual climate and inequality crisis, and they need a Government that’s helping the community, not itself.

“When will the rorts stop? The rorts will only stop when we have a federal corruption watchdog which applies to MPs.

“That’s why I’ll be moving next week to compel the Government to vote on my Senate-passed Greens ICAC bill in the House this month.”

Greens Sports spokesperson Senator Rice said, “The rorts just keep on coming. In light of reports of an additional $150m doled out before the election, today we have written to the Auditor-General to seek an audit of this scheme cooked up by Morrison’s government.

 “Yesterday, the government voted down the Greens motions to fund those deserving clubs recommended for funding by Sport Australia who missed out. From reports today, turns out the Coalition is happy to spend extra money on sport, but only if it helps them buy and cheat their way back into power.

“Morrison and his mates have nothing but contempt for fairness and a level playing field.

“Today’s news shows exactly why we need the sports rorts senate inquiry, and I am eager to begin as Deputy Chair to investigate the full extent of the Coalition’s pork barrelling and hold this government to account.”

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