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Greens $3M plan to grow Tasmania’s world class reputation for premium products

While everyone now recognises the importance of Tasmania's ‘brand' the Greens were the first political party to recognise the importance of Tasmania's clean, green image as our competitive advantage. Well marketed identifiable products, adhering to ethical, health and environmental standards will command price premiums and continue to grow Tasmania's world class reputation.

The Greens believe Tasmania can do more to leverage the economic value of the Tasmanian brand to grow the economy. To drive this growth the Greens have a costed plan to invest $3 million over three years for the development of a voluntary ‘product of Tasmania' logo certification, franchise and marketing process - including a voluntary ‘appellation' scheme to identify Tasmanian made products.

Under the Greens' plan, funding will be provided to the Tasmanian Government to begin the conversation with farmers and producers about the establishment of a franchising system and developing a business plan for a franchise logistics network to supply top quality produce.

Our ultimate vision is for the establishment of Tasmanian branded stores all over the world selling high quality Tasmanian produce and for the Tasmanian ‘label’ to be synonymous with clean, green premium produce.

Tasmania already has an enviable advantage of GE-Free status, outstanding produce, clean air and water, which should be better marketed.  To support this effort the Greens will continue to strongly advocate for the maintenance of high environmental and biosecurity standards to ensure the clean, green Tasmanian brand is preserved.

Maintenance of the moratorium on genetically engineered organisms in Tasmania is vital to ensure Tasmania can continue to be an exporter of high quality differentiated products into growing markets.

Our brand relies on Tasmania remaining a beautiful, clean, sustainably managed state.

This initiative is part of the Greens “Tasmania 2030” vision for a green, dynamic, and prosperous economy and more information can be found at

A briefing document on this initative can be downloaded here.


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