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Greens $1 bet proposal a test of Julia Gillard’s leadership

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 20 Jan 2012

Greens’ spokesperson for gambling, Senator Richard Di Natale, said today that the proposal of $1 bet limits has become a test of the Prime Minister’s leadership.

Previously the Government has indicated that cost of implementation was a reason not to introduce $1 bet limits but a new report from the Australia Institute has exposed Clubs Australia figures as baseless.

“Clubs Australia have stated at every opportunity that $1 bet limits would cost over $3 billion to implement but this report states that the real cost of the Greens’ proposal is ten times lower, coming in at less than $350 million.

“Clubs Australia’s campaign is based on a lie. Prime Minister needs to take on these bullies now and embrace the Greens’ proposal of $1 bet limits.”

The Greens put $1 bet limits on the agenda last year because it is the simplest, most effective option for reform, and it has the most support across the Parliament. Today’s report validates that our proposal is also the cheapest way to implement this critical reform.

“Clubs Australia has signaled that they would fight $1 bets just as strongly but their credibility is now in tatters. If they can get their figures so badly wrong on the implementation it is impossible to take anything they say seriously.

“The Prime Minister has no more excuses.

“She can’t hide behind the lack of support in the parliament because it is now clear that $1 bet limits have the best chance of getting through the lower house.

“She can’t hide behind her agreement with Andrew Wilkie because he has stated that he would only change the agreement if $1 bet limits was on the table.

“The Government is trying to give the appearance of supporting reform but with each day that passes it seems that they seem to be doing everything they can to undermine it.

“This Prime Minister can’t keep walking both sides of the fence. She needs to decide if she wants to put profits ahead of the ordinary people whose lives are shattered from problem gambling.”

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