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Greens $1 bet policy gaining currency

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 4 Nov 2011

“The $1 bet proposal was put on the table by the Greens as a circuit breaker and it is working,” said Greens’ gambling spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale.

“I’m very happy to hear Tony Windsor indicating his support for a policy of $1 bets. With Nick Xenophon and Andrew Wilkie already behind it, cross-bench support is gaining momentum.

“Two weeks ago it was difficult to see a clear pathway forward for pokies reform but the Greens proposal has been a game changer.

“If the government shifted now to $1 bets they would have a better policy and be very close to having the support required to pass significant reform.

“$1 bets is the simpler, cheaper and more effective policy. Clubs Australia and their spokesman in Parliament, Tony Abbott, have no way of attacking the policy that can survive scrutiny.

“It has received support from welfare groups and the even members of the pokies industry, such as CEO of St George Leagues Club, Danny Robinson, have admitted it is a more workable, affordable solution.

“A shift to $1 bets is good policy and good politics. The question is: Will the government embrace this opportunity?”

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