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Greens’ Senate Inquiry Should Shed Light on Way Forward for National Rubbish Solution.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

“Today’s Senate inquiry is an important step in the rollout of a national cash-for- containers scheme,” Australian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated earlier today.

“A few big powerful companies in the beverage industry – especially Coke and Lion – claim that such a national scheme would be too expensive and an inefficient way to clean up our nation’s rubbish, and the environmental problems it causes.

“They have strongly lobbied state governments to prevent new schemes, and are also behind an aggressive national advertising campaign claiming that a national reward scheme for rubbish will strongly impact Australians’ cost of living.

“Much of the evidence they use to support such claims is based on their participation in existing cash-for-container schemes in SA and the NT.

“Today’s inquiry is important because it investigates existing problems and if the beverage companies themselves are indeed part of those problems.

“Serious allegations of beverage company misbehaviour – such as profiteering, price gouging and obstructionism – will be closely examined.

“The Australian Greens welcome this opportunity to shed light on how a national scheme could improve on existing ones in the NT and SA, especially in the way they are structured and operated.”

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