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Greens’ Energy Savings Agency will deliver Fair Pay for solar power in WA

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 12 Aug 2013

Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam has taken a strong stand against the Barnett Government’s solar swindle today, launching The Greens’ plan for an Energy Savings Agency to deliver Fair Pay for Solar in WA. 

“The Barnett Government’s plan to slash the solar feed-in tariff in half is a disgrace and must be abandoned immediately.  Our Energy Savings Agency will ensure all West Australians, including the 75,000 households being hit by the tariff cut, get a fair deal.  

The Energy Savings Agency will have three priorities: Help Australians generate their own power with a guaranteed fair price for clean energy they produce; bring down power bills by achieving $1 billion in energy savings nationwide every year through customer energy savings and more efficient network investment; and design a National Energy Efficiency Scheme that addresses issues including peak power periods. 

“Western Australians who installed solar panels with the understanding they would be paid a set price are now being attacked because of the Barnett Government’s fiscal incompetence.  People who have done the right thing - taking pressure off the power system and delivering savings for everyone else - are now being punished. 

“The Barnett Government has also blown $330 million on the ill-conceived Muja coal debacle. They may as well have set fire to the money. 

"Mandurah, Canning Vale and Hocking are in the top ten postcodes in the country for solar panel installation. More than 134,000 West Australian households now have solar on their roof, which amounts to almost 350,000 people. This is not just good for the environment, it’s also saving the WA public money - $100,000 per megawatt. 

“Barnett’s attacks on clean energy have been mirrored by Liberal-National state governments elsewhere, confirming that the Coalition represents a huge risk to renewable energy at a national level. The Greens are standing up for Western Australians and our clean energy future.” 

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