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Govt under pressure to release secret documents over Menindee Lakes

The Liberal National Government are hiding critical information about draining the Menindee Lakes twice in three years, the Greens say.


“The Government’s refusal to release this information, by order of the Senate, stinks of a cover-up and puts them in contempt of the Senate,” Greens water and environment spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“For over six weeks we’ve been waiting for answers from the Minister about why water was released from Menindee Lakes twice in three years. We still don’t know how or why those decisions were made. I was concerned about it back in November, and now after the death of a million fish it’s even more concerning.


“The Liberal National Government cannot be trusted to deal with this environmental disaster, and they can’t be trusted to be open with River communities. The cover-ups must end if we are to see this river, and the faith of the people who rely on it, restored.


“Water Minister David Littleproud is following in the footsteps of his predecessor Barnaby Joyce, standing up for corporate cotton interests rather than the communities that rely on this vital river system for survival.


“Australians want a healthy river system and a government that stands up for the environment. It’s clear this government is concerned about keeping big cotton happy at the expense of the river we love.”

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