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Government vilifying the unemployed again: Greens

An ‘exclusive’ in the Daily Tele today that the Liberal Government will further pursue struggling people accessing the social safety net shows a callous approach to the next Federal Budget, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“Without providing any real detail today, Minister Tudge has worked with the Daily Tele to roll out yet another vilifying story about ‘dole bludgers’ that are apparently evil and lazy and should have their conditions further harshened.

“Despite Minister Tudge constantly trying to perpetuate people accessing the social safety net as lazy layabouts, they are job seekers (for whom there just aren't enough jobs), carers, people with disability, young people studying, and struggling parents.

“When the budget is released, we will be keeping a close eye out for the next round of cuts for struggling Australian’s who already have to jump through huge hoops just to get support when they are down on their luck. We already anticipated they’d go after the nation’s poorest again, it is a disgrace.

“The Government is vilifying unemployed people yet again, this punitive approach will just entrench poverty and mean more kids without food on the table. We will be looking at the detail as soon as it comes available.

“Successive governments have eroded the social safety net and people are already struggling enough. I urge the Government to turn to revenue raising measures that have repeatedly been flagged by the Greens and others, such as addressing negative gearing and capital gains tax”.

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