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Government still in denial on Gladstone environmental crisis

Media Release
Larissa Waters 14 Mar 2012

The first independent scientific investigation of the marine life contamination in Gladstone harbour still hasn’t prompted the Government to suspend the likely cause of the ecological crisis –mass dredging and dumping, Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.

“This is the very first scientific study not conducted by the Queensland Government or the Gladstone Ports Corporation, the proponents of the mass dredging and dumping operation in this World Heritage Area,” Senator Waters said.

“The preliminary report shows an ecosystem in crisis, finding that fish, sharks, crabs and other marine species are still sick, that this widespread multi-species disease is unusual and the likely cause is still happening, rather than the floods from a year ago.

“Instead of acting on this new scientific evidence, the Queensland Government is instead still claiming everything is fine in the harbour, and refusing to suspend the mass dredging and dumping operations, while the Federal Government is continuing to do nothing at all to protect this World Heritage Area.

“Both old parties are prepared to sacrifice the Great Barrier Reef and Gladstone harbour within it for a fossil fuel export frenzy that is also damaging our climate and our food producing land.

“What a sad indictment on both levels of Government that the local fishing community had to raise the money to fund this independent science because the Government refused to do its job.

“If Queenslanders want to protect the Reef, they need to vote Green in the state election."

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