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Government stalls on resolution to Manus Island impasse

Media Release
Nick McKim 5 Oct 2016

The Government continues to flail about with no solution for the stranded people in Australia's care on Manus Island, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"Two months ago, the Government pledged that the illegal Manus Island detention centre would close, and the men there would be resettled," Senator McKim said.

"It now appears that the Government is trying to weasel out of this commitment and the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court decision."

"These men are in Australia's care and remain Australia's responsibility. They need to be brought here in line with our international and moral obligations."

"Resettlement in Papua New Guinea is clearly not an option. Mr Dutton needs to act immediately to close the camps on both Manus Island and Nauru, and bring the people to Australia." 

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