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Government must act to stop another Stolen Generation: Greens

News today that Australia is heading towards Aboriginal out of home care rates similar to the assimilation era must jolt the Government into action, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“Time and time again we have been warned that we are at risk of creating a second Stolen Generation, it must be addressed. We must reduce the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids going into out of home care.

“The Government has not responded to 39 recommendations from a senate inquiry into out of home care. It is this sort of inaction that allows the issue to get worse.

“Aboriginal children make up less than 5% of the general population yet they make up 35% of children in out of home care. In my home state of WA it is just over 50%.

“This year on Sorry Day the Australian Greens sought to do what the Government has failed to do, and launched a package that would close the gap on the number of Aboriginal kids in out of home care.

“The package does not just seek to reduce the number of Aboriginal  kids in out of home care, it also seeks to improve out of home care with increased funding, and provide greater support for kids that turn into young adults and leave out of home care struggling.

“The Government must take significant steps to address a growing problem in this space”.

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