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Government halts Sri Lankan deportations after High Court challenge

The Government has agreed to actually look into the asylum claims of 56 Sri Lankan refugees after they lodged a High Court challenge, appealing their forced removal from Australia.

“This is an important step in recognising the rights of these 56 people to have their claims for asylum assessed, but what about the 600 others we have already sent back?” the Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“The Government has now agreed to allow people to put forward their case as to why they should be considered for refugee status.

“The Government needs to assess whether these people are refugees before they make the decision as to whether they should be deported.

“Having now recognised that denying due process to these 56 people is unacceptable, the Government needs to commit to ending this practice which has already sent hundreds of people back to danger in Sri Lanka.

“Human rights groups have significant concerns about the situation in Sri Lanka, with reports of beatings, torture and the disappearance of people upon their return.

“I have been calling for the Government to end this process of screening people out and will continue to ask for a system of oversight that would ensure the safety of people returned to Sri Lanka.”

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