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Government in chaos abandons ICAC pledge

Media Release
Larissa Waters 7 Feb 2022

The Greens say the government’s decision to abandon its ICAC promise, while simultaneously trying to push through a hateful bill to protect bigotry, is proof that they never intended to establish an anti-corruption body in the first place. 

Lines attributable to Greens deputy leader and spokesperson on democracy Senator Larissa Waters:

“Anyone who is surprised that the government has abandoned its promise to establish a federal integrity commission hasn’t been paying attention. It’s yet another broken promise from a PM who lies and lies.

“The PM promised an ICAC 1152 days ago when it was electorally convenient, then spent the next 1152 days doing everything he could to not keep that promise.

“In the meantime we’ve had SportsRorts, Watergate, Pork and Ride and public money being given hand over fist to coal and gas donors.

“The PM was never going to implement an effective and independent anti-corruption watchdog, because he knows that if he did he’d be at risk of losing half his cabinet.

“This is the dodgiest government in Australian history and its priorities are all wrong. Instead of trying to protect our democracy and rebuild public faith in politics they’re busy legislating discrimination against gay kids and teachers.

“My National Integrity Commission Bill passed the Senate more than two years ago. In balance of power after the next election the Greens will push the next government to pass that bill through the House and begin to restore integrity to parliament and our public institutions."

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