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Gillard Government ignoring its own advice on climate science

Media Release
Christine Milne 17 Jun 2013

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne has condemned Labor for ignoring the Climate Commission's advice to keep coal reserves in the ground to limit global warming.

"The Gillard government's key source of climate advice, the Climate Commission, has released its latest Critical Decade report in which it advises that most of the world's coal reserves need to stay in the ground if we are to meet the goal of limiting global warming to two degrees.

"But Labor is approving coal mine expansion and ports in Queensland despite knowing these actions will increase the risks of global warming.

"If the government believed the climate science it would halt further development of coal mines and expansion of coal exports.

"But let's be clear - an Abbott government would be no better.

"The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader need to make a commitment to halt the expansion of coal mining and stop skirting around the contradiction we have in this country where we commit to climate change action on one hand while exacerbating the problem with the other.

"The Greens have called on the Future Fund to divest its coal holdings because of the financial risk of investing in businesses that have no future if we are to act on climate change," Senator Milne said.

Senator Milne asked Labor about the Climate Commission report in Senate question time today:

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