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Getting rid of Australian Institute of Criminology counter-productive

Media Release
Nick McKim 5 Nov 2015

The takeover of the Australian Institute of Criminology by the Australian Crime Commission is short-sighted and risks increased crime rates in the long term, Australian Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Nick McKim says.

“The AIC plays an important role in understanding what causes crime, and developing policy to reduce crime levels,” Senator McKim said.

“But it is not a law enforcement agency, and losing the AIC risks Australia missing out on world class crime and justice research”.

‘It is clear that the takeover will result in the functions of the AIC being lost or subsumed.”

“This is a short sighted ‘savings’ measure that will ultimately cost Australia in the long run through increased crime rates.”

Senator McKim said the announcement of a “super spy agency” was another example of the lack of a robust and transparent counter-terrorism policy development process.

“Worryingly, there has been no detail given on what accountability or oversight this new ‘super agency’ will have,” Senator McKim said.

Senator McKim called on the Government to put more resources into social cohesion programs as part of the efforts to counter violent extremism.

“The evidence shows that resilient and inclusive communities are the most effective at countering violent extremism,” Senator McKim said.

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