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Genetic Engineering vs Clean, Green Tasmania

Christine Milne made a submission to the Tasmanian Government's Joint Select Committee into Gene Technology.

The Australian Greens support a moratorium on the release of genetically modified material into the environment until there is a deeper scientific understanding of their long term impact on environmental and human health.

In Tasmania, an island state dependent on a clean, green, natural brand, the current ban on GM organisms (GMOs) has worked to the State's economic advantage.

The Australian Greens submit the ‘Precautionary Principle' should be applied in order to protect Tasmanian producers who are dependent on a clean, green brand.

The Greens strongly urge the Committee to recommend a continuation of the current regime, to ensure any threat - perceived or real - to the clean, green brand is not realised, to the ultimate detriment of Tasmania's primary producers and exporters.

You can read the full submission by clicking the link below.

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