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Foreign Fighters amendments inadequate

Media Release
Penny Wright 22 Oct 2014

Comment from Australian Greens' spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Penny Wright on news the Abbott Government will adopt the recommendations of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security on the Foreign Fighters bill:

"The recommendations of the Liberal-Labor committee are not enough to save this from being a very bad bill that will trample on long-held civil liberties and democratic rights.

"The committee's recommendations are just tweaking around the edges - they do not fix the substantive problems of this bill.

"The Australian Greens are particularly concerned about the no-go zones, preventative detention orders and biometric data and we will be moving much more substantive amendments when the bill is debated next week.

"Trashing legal protections and freedoms will not make Australians safer. The Labor party needs to realise this and stop waving through draconian laws without proper scrutiny."\

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