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Fitzgibbon exit puts 2030 test on Labor

Media Release
Adam Bandt 10 Nov 2020

Australian Greens Leader Adam Bandt has responded to Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation by calling on Labor to join the Greens in pressuring Scott Morrison to lift his 2030 game.

“The Greens are putting pressure on Scott Morrison over his weak 2030 targets and we hope Labor will now help us,” said Mr Bandt.

“If we don’t take urgent action in the next decade, we may pass the point of no return, where global heating becomes an unstoppable chain reaction.

“Scott Morrison’s woeful 2030 targets have Australia on track for over 4 degrees of global warming.

“If Labor doesn’t join us in pressuring Morrison over 2030 targets, it suggests Joel Fitzgibbon wields even more power with his new-found freedom.

“This is the critical decade. Anyone who truly cares about the climate and protecting quality of life on this planet knows that.

“The Fitzgibbon myth that strong climate action is electorally harmful is contradicted by Labor’s own review of the 2019 election, the leaked Liberal review of that election and by countless international examples, most recently by the 75 million Americans who voted for the strongest climate platform ever put to them.

“The purpose of the upcoming climate conference in Glasgow is for all nations to come with stronger 2030 targets. All pressure must be brought to bear on Scott Morrison to lift Australia’s target ahead of that vital conference,” Bandt said.

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