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FIAT Senate inquiry no-show, again

Media Release
Christine Milne 1 May 2014

Tasmania's forest industry association has again declined to appear before a Senate inquiry into the government's World Heritage delisting proposal, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne revealed today.

"I have specifically requested that the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania chief Terry Edwards appear before the Senate inquiry, and twice he has said he is too busy," Senator Milne said.

"It is unacceptable for the major industry player in Tasmania not to be upfront with the public about the role it has played in the government's moves to delist World Heritage value forests for logging.

"Terry Edwards understood that FSC certification and the $250 million in exit grants was contingent upon protection of high conservation value forest. He cannot have it both ways.

"It is clear from submissions and evidence to the inquiry that the government's move is based on ideology and not science, and a desire to log high conservation value forests.

"FIAT should make a definitive statement on whether it supports the logging of our World Heritage forests, and be upfront with the Tasmanian public," Senator Milne said.

The Senate inquiry will have a public hearing in Canberra on Tuesday 6 May and will table its report on 15 May.

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