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Feds should not fund Baillieu tunnel

Greens MP Adam Bandt has warned the Gillard government against funding a tollway tunnel through his electorate of Melbourne.

He has also described the Premier as an "environmental vandal" in wanting to push ahead with the tunnel.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is set to announce a new infrastructure strategy today and has flagged that the controversial East-West tunnel, first mooted under the former Labor government, will be on the list.

"I will not let them dig up my electorate", Mr Bandt said.

"The Premier is an environmental vandal and has given up any pretence of tackling climate change."

"I will fight tooth and nail to stop one single dollar of Commonwealth money going towards a privatised road tunnel through the middle of Melbourne."

"With energy experts telling us we have 5 years to stop runaway climate change, it's time for Melbourne to build more rail, not more tollways."

"The proposed tunnel will wreck parkland and turn inner Melbourne into a rat's nest of on- and off-ramps."

"The road tunnel was hatched under Labor and is now being suckled by the Coalition. But it is economically unviable without a massive federal government subsidy."

"I would find it very difficult to have a constructive relationship with a federal government that funded an economically unviable and environmentally disastrous tollway through the middle of my electorate."

"I will push instead for the Federal government to fund rail projects like the proposed Metro link or the Doncaster rail line."

To date, the federal government has not stated any position on the tunnel.


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