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Federal Government should release Macquarie Harbour audit details so public doesn't rely on Tassal spin

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 24 Apr 2017

Greens spokesperson for Healthy Oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson responds to the media blitz from Tassal today about the health of Macquarie Harbour.

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said,  “It is ironic the ‘good news’ released by Tassal today on the supposed ‘rapid recovery’  of Macquarie Harbour, based on its own internal research, comes just days before the release of the second IMAS report into environmental conditions in Macquarie Harbour.

“The information Tasmanians need most is from the Federal Environment minister and his department, who recently conducted their own independent audit of the damage done to Macquarie Harbour by Salmon Farming.

“What did this Audit conclude? This information should have been released weeks ago, why is it taking so long?

“I suspect that the only ‘fast recovery’ Tassal is interested in is their share price and corporate reputation. The investment community and other stakeholders would do better to consider the IMAS and the Federal Government independent details than anything provided by Tassal.

“The Federal Environment Minister has a responsibility under EPBC law to protect endangered species and the World Heritage Area from destructive environmental practices caused by poor state regulation of the Salmon Industry, in particular Tassal’s Franklin Lease,” he concluded.

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