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Federal Government Abandons Gonski for Class Warfare

Media Release
Nick McKim 1 May 2016

The Federal government has today confirmed its abandonment of full Gonski funding, Greens spokesperson for Schools Nick McKim says.

“Today’s announcement of funding for ‘high-performing’ schools will redirect resources to the top, and risks reigniting the funding battle between public and private schools,” Senator McKim said.

"It will also work against States, Territories and schools with more disadvantaged students."

“The government has already tried to end Federal funding for public education - today’s announcement opens up another front in the class warfare the government seems determined to prosecute.”

“The Gonski funding principles are now dead in the water as far as the Liberals are concerned.”

“On top of this, the federal government continues to ignore students with disability and starve hundreds of thousands of children the resources they need.”

“Only the Greens will ensure that every student in every school will get a fair go.”

“We have already committed to the full funding of the Gonski reforms along with a much needed $4.8 billion investment in students with disability.”

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