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Failure of cruel asylum policy on display

The arrival of refugees in Geraldton, WA, is a clear sign that the government’s harsh treatment of refugees isn’t stopping people from coming by boat or making them safer. The Australian Greens are calling for an urgent boost in the number of refugees being resettled in Australia.

“The government’s policy of cruelty has entirely failed,” the Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Offering a secure path to safety means refugees won’t be forced to take dangerous boat journeys.

“People are willing to go to these extraordinary lengths, and even further, just to reach safety and no government spin is going to change that.

“I’m extremely concerned for the welfare of the people on this boat, including children.

“The government and the opposition is deluding itself if it thinks the excision or any other cruel legislative move will have any impact on people who are fleeing war, torture and persecution.

“There is no regional solution in what the government is offering and the actions of these desperate people are the clear result of that.”


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