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Evocca’s broken business model fails students and staff: Greens

Media Release
Robert Simms 17 Mar 2016

The Australian Greens are calling on the government to make contingency plans for the flood of staff who have just lost their jobs and students who will lose their places at private training college Evocca, as the broken for-profit VET sector continues to crumble.

"My thoughts go out to the 220 Evocca employees who have been made redundant today and 900 students who will be affected by Evocca's decision to close 17 campuses across the country.

"Evocca has brazenly pushed for higher fees for students and lower repayment thresholds to prop up its business model, when it is in fact structural problems and rampant rorting in the for-profit VET sector that is causing it to fail.

"The Greens are calling for the Government to help transition students to public sector education, and make a commitment to help the staff affected by this crumbling sector."

"Through investment in TAFE over the failed for-profits, we can provide opportunities for students to study and more jobs in the VET sector."



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