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Equinor crash shows we can’t risk the Bight

Equinor’s claims they can drill safely in the Great Australian Bight have gone to water after their ship crashed into their oil rig in Norwegian waters, the Greens say.


“A collision like this in the Great Australian Bight could spell disaster. The waters are rough and remote. The risk is too great, we don’t want an accident like this happening in the Bight,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“This collision comes after oil was found on the sea surface at the same rig last month. If they can’t drill safely in the calm, shallow waters in the North Sea, they cannot be trusted to risk the Bight.


“No amount of corporate spin will make drilling in the Bight safer. There is no amount of planning Equinor can do to avoid critical accidents or disasters.


“No company should be given the green light to drill in the Bight’s rough waters. The Greens, with the South Australian community, will continue to fight plans to turn the Bight into an oilfield, to keep our tourism and fishing industries strong, our beaches clean and avoid disaster.”

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