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Equality for LGBTI Australians

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Christine Milne 1 Sep 2013

The Greens have a vision of a caring Australia, where every person is able to realise their highest aspirations, free from discrimination in our laws and in our minds.

That's why the Greens have always stood up for full equality for LGBTI Australians, and always will.

It was Christine Milne's Bill that decriminalised homosexuality in Tasmania in 1997, after more than a decade of campaigning and negotiating.

Only the Greens are resolute in standing for full equality for LGBTI people in Australia. Every Green MP has voted for marriage equality, every time it has come before a Parliament.

Only the Greens are standing up for genuine equality laws, to stop religious schools, hospitals and homeless shelters from turning LGBTI Australians away or firing them because of their sexuality or gender identity.

Only the Greens are proud to stand with the LGBTI community worldwide. We celebrate wins on the path to equality, and advocate for LGBTI people still denied freedom from violence and persecution.

Read our full declaration for full equality for LGBTI Australians here.

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