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Environment in crisis and stronger laws with a cop on the beat needed, report to government shows

The Prime Minister must drop his plans to green light major developments and new mines at the expense of the environment, after the devastating assessment of Australia’s environmental trajectory in the just-released interim report into Australia’s federal environment laws, the Greens say.

Greens Spokesperson for the Environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Our environment is in crisis and our native wildlife is facing extinction. Unless we change business-as-usual our environment is destined for more destruction. Our wildlife, our beaches, our forests will be gone.

“It’s clearer than ever that we need stronger protections, not weaker laws if we are to save our environment.

”The independent review has declared that Australia’s ‘current environmental trajectory is unsustainable’. The report identifies land-clearing, habitat loss and climate change are destroying our environment and killing our wildlife.

“The outlook is worse than grim. The PM must immediately drop his plans to make approvals for big developers, land clearing and new mines easier - that’s the last thing our environment needs right now.

“Our environment is on a path of destruction, we need National Environmental Standards that reverse this and put a stop to further destruction from big development, land-clearing and mines.

“The Report recommends a ‘strong, independent cop on the beat’ to enforce these rules to save our environment and wildlife.

“It is disappointing Minister Ley has already rejected the recommendation of an independent cop on the beat, signalling her intent to carry on as always, allowing our environment to be destroyed for the profits of their political donors.

“Environmental standards will be worthless if there is no one there to enforce them. This report shows the government can’t be trusted.

“The Report also makes it clear the impacts of projects on climate change must be considered in environmental impact assessments. The Greens have a bill currently before the Parliament for a ‘Climate Trigger’ which would do just that and it should be supported.”

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