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Dutton hanging by a thread: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 20 Sep 2018

Dutton hanging by a thread: Bandt

Greens Co-Deputy Leader and Member for Melbourne today said that the one vote difference (67 in favour, 68 opposed) in his no-confidence push against Peter Dutton meant the Minister was hanging by the barest of threads. Mr. Bandt foreshadowed further action against Mr. Dutton for misleading the Parliament over the au pair scandal.

“The government has used its numbers to run a protection racket for Peter Dutton,” said Mr Bandt. 

“Peter Dutton is now hanging by the barest of threads. Soon his position may be untenable.

“The facts haven’t changed. It is clear Peter Dutton has misled the Parliament and he needs to face the consequences.

“Shamefully, the PM has now given a green light to all his Ministers to mislead Parliament.

“There was only one vote in it and that vote was Peter Dutton himself.

“This is not over. The motion is still on the notice paper and we will continue to pursue the Minister over this issue up until the next election."

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